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Educational Institutes

Online enrollment of students, help desk to answer the questions raised by students, virtual black board, subject tutorials for download, online marks memos, optional subject descriptions and campus event scheduler are some of many web applications that 60% of the educational institutes are looking for.

At GMR, we provide you with a custom design which blends with your website, and acts as an interactive tool for your students. Website is no more an informational tool, it has become highly interactive.

How many times you say these things:

  1. Previous semester student has left it half done
  2. We know how to do it, but its taking lot of time
  3. There should be online software that does everything for me
  4. Why are we not using that software, its built long back
  5. I don’t have an idea of his coding style
  6. We don’t have a software in our institute

These are common problems with the institutes giving the school or college drop outs to build an application for getting an experience on their subject, but 99% of times they end up half way, and you professors are so patient to see it completed.

Our software application development centers for Educational institutes are located in Orange County, California.

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